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Come Try a Class

         Mori Training Center is a martial arts school that teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, and MMA (mixed martial arts).We are located at 3733 S 250 W Ogden, UT right behind the Newgate Mall. We are a family friendly facility. Our Jiu Jitsu academy is one of the few that teaches self defense Jiu Jitsu. You won't find a more welcoming environment to take classes. However, Don't take my word for it come try a class. We prefer that try each class once for free before you sign up. After all why pay for something if you don't like it. We also offer kids Jiu Jitsu classes Monday , Wednesday, Saturday. 

Our Facility is kid friendly

        Most activities require you to find a babysitter to enjoy an activity. This is one of the few exceptions your kids are free to run around so long as they are kept off the mats during class time. This is for their safety however, it is your responsibility to teach them that. We have a TV and some toys to keep their attention. Other parents also bring their kids and let them play while attending class. 

Why you shouldn't let classes intimidate you

        Often people want to get into shape but avoid the gym because starting to get into shape is hard. I can feel like your climbing an endless mountain. The truth is all in the mind start today. In a few weeks you will feel better than you have in years. Everything you do will seem easier. Most people are only sore for a few weeks then the body adapts to the extra work by building muscle. You will feel your stamina increase and you will feel more energized throughout the day. Changing your diet to something more healthy is the biggest challenge of being fit. You are what you eat therefore, if you eat garbage you will feel like it.

What our facility offers


    Our facility is set up to accommodate your fitness needs. We have heavy bags to practice kicks, punches, and elbows. We have lots of mat space to meet your grappling needs. The walls also have padding to practice wall takedowns. We have lots of lifting equipment such as a smith machine for your bench press and squats. We also have kettle bells, medicine balls, and barbells that go up to 100 pounds. 


We offer more than just martial arts

        Unlike a lifting gym you will find a more welcoming environment here. People will take the time to introduce themselves. Martial arts requires a team so a new face is a new partner to work with. There are many students that like to go out of their way to help beginners. This is a good opportunity to learn something new and maybe find some new people to hang out with.