Butterfly Guard

Use open guard and hooks to sweep or submit your oponent

Butterfly Guard Sweeps

Posted by Fafa on August 14, 2015

August 6, 2015
Basic Butterfly Sweep

Basic Butterfly Sweep

Important notes to complete movement

  • Using toes as hooks on the thigh instead of placing them on the floor
  • Using the hand that's not under-hooking to cut the corner
  • Reaching deep with the under-hook to stay close to your opponent
  • Trapping the hand across from the under-hook to prevent them form posting
  • Placing head on shoulder opposite from under-hook to stay as close as possible
  • Use the foot inside to hook the thigh
  • Clamp the outside foot on the knee cap
  • Fall to your shoulder while keeping head low
  • Use the hook on the thigh to kick high while using the bottom foot to help elevate your hip
  • Pull the arm you trapped up and slide your leg underneath their shoulder to establish side control