Hip Escapes

The basic hip escapes used during jiu jitsu movements


The Hipscape     

  • Keep your elbows in tight
  • lift your head to your chest
    • Straighten one leg
    • bring the close to your butt
    • lift your hip up by getting onto the ball of your foot
    • keeping your elbows in use your foot to turn on your side
    • this should place most of your weight on the foot and the shoulder
    • push with your foot and push with your hands as if pushing on someones hip at the same time 

Brushing up on the basics 

        While the hip escape is not the most exciting movement it never hurts to brush up on the basics. This might sound ridiculous but the better your jiu jitsu gets the more important it is to go back and revisit the basics. It's easy to neglect the hips cape because it's boring. I promise if you skip these for a month you will notice your game getting worse.